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The BreedIt© KBio Converter Tool is now available.

The KBio Converter provides an interface to address a common issue of strand selection for SNP genotyping assays. This tool was developed specifically to convert SNP data provided by KBioscience (LGC), which refer to the strand used for the KASP assay, to a different point of reference. If a user fails to recognize the issue of strand inconsistency between SNP assay designs then in the case of C/G or A/T polymorphisms there is a high risk of associating the wrong allele with a trait. In addition, when haplotypes are defined either at the gene level or across an interval on a genetic map, then arbitrary strand switching in SNP data reports will result generally in non-valid haplotypes. This conversion tool enables the user to input a standard KBio SNP Viewer input file and output an equivalent file in which each SNP has been converted to a reference strand. The file that is provided with the tool aligns cowpea KASP (KBio/LGC) SNPs with Illumina TopStrand SNPs. The cowpea SNP source sequences that were provided to KBio were exported from the Illumina software as ForwardStrand. This file addresses that problem, and may serve as a template for any similar conversions that may be relevant to users of multiple platforms.

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